Prayer Ministries

Please let us know if you have any prayer concerns and let us know when your prayers are answered.
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Praying for Our Community

Now that the weather is cooling off, are you getting out and walking around your neighborhood more? Evangelism committee is offering resources for praying for your neighborhood as you walk. In the past, we have done this together on one day, but this year, we are making door hangers available for you to walk at your leisure, along with some tips for your prayer walk. 

The door hangers have a prayer for protection for the home and a sticker with the website, worship times, and contact information for Nameoki. These are available at the church in packs of 10. Please put your name on the list by the stack of door hangers to let us know you picked some up so we can be praying for you, too. 

Behind each pack are some tips for what to do as you walk. As believers wherever we go, God is with us. This is a wonderful way to bless others with God’s love through prayer and sharing information about your church.

May this be our prayer these days: O God, let the fire fall! Lift our vision; encourage our spirits; teach our minds; burden our hearts; equip our ministries; ignite our lives with the purifying fire of the Holy Spirit. O God, let the fire fall–beginning with me. ~ Billy Graham


Other Prayer Guides and Books Available

There are prayer books and prayer cards in the foyer at the church to check out. Please help yourself and pass them on or return them when you are done.


Prayer at Noon

We have a prayer circle that meets Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at noon on Zoom for prayer. You can come any day, just jump on! If you would like the link or dial-by-phone information, contact Pastor Susan through the church office. We spend about an hour together, gathering, sharing concerns and updates, and praying together as each feels led. Everyone is welcome! Contact Pastor Susan if you would like to more information, to join the call, or if you have a prayer concern.

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