About the Event Speaker and Worship Leader

About the Event Speaker and Worship Leader



JT Mlinarcik is the Executive Director of Catch the Fire USA, a ministry birthed from the 1994 Toronto Revival. Prior to his role with CTF USA, JT was a trial attorney specializing in defending health care professionals in medical malpractice lawsuits.  JT and his wife Cathy encountered the Father’s Love in 2008 and have never been the same.  Their journey has been one of discovering the Father and who they are in Christ.  They are passionate about living supernatural lives, sharing the love of the Father, and partnering with the Holy Spirit in equipping and releasing His Presence and Glory.  They have four amazing children and reside in Raleigh, NC.



Chris Shealy — For Chris & Summer Shealy, worship is breathing. Whether at home, lost in God’s presence together or on the platform leading a congregation into an intimate encounter, these two live in constant pursuit of the Father’s heart. Soundcheck and rehearsal are not very different than the worship service– God is present and good and glorious, and everything is worship. Their songs invite intimacy and evoke a deepening revelation of the goodness and worth of the Savior, the sufficiency of his sacrifice, and the victory of his resurrection and ascension. Crafted songs weave in and out of extended times of prophetic flow; moments of majestic high praise resolve to places of holy stillness and deep connection, stirring hearts to praise, attuning hearts to the sounds of heaven, Chris & Summer Shealy are based in Raleigh, NC where they are Directors of Catch The Fire Music, a collective of worship artists passionate about leading people into encounters with God.


Twenty-six years after the Toronto Revival, Catch The Fire has become an international movement of people living in God’s presence and leading others into encounters with God. Catch the Fire is passionate about seeing everyone encounter the love of the Father, the goodness of Jesus, and the power of the Holy Spirit. We want to see the whole church and the entire world know the fullness of the love that God has for them. We are passionately committed to walking in God’s love and giving it away until the whole earth is filled with knowledge of the Glory of the Lord. We encourage you to dive in and immerse yourselves into this incredible blessing. Encounter God’s transforming presence and bring it to your marketplace, family, city and nations. 

(from the Catch the Fire Hub and Catch the Fire USA Websites www.ctfusa.com, catchthefirehub.com)


Note from the Researcher: Catch the Fire has had revival impact around the world, birthing and giving new life to ministries and churches and people. They are generous in sharing their passion for what they have learned to do well — leading people to experience encounters with God. From the beginning of my experience with Catch the Fire, they’ve known I am a Methodist pastor, and they have celebrated what God is doing in my life and ministry and in the churches I’ve served. They have welcomed me to participate in their leadership training and to serve alongside their prayer teams to learn how to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit. I am grateful for their generosity in sharing and interest in bringing revival to the whole Church.  For more about the research, please see the link on the event page.


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