COVID Safety

We have been worshiping safely in person for several months now, and everyone is doing great, respecting social distancing, wearing masks, and exiting the building to visit. Under Phase 4, we are allowed to worship 25% of our capacity. We have a big sanctuary with plenty of space to spread out, and our ushers are great at help to direct everyone after the service.

Pajamas and watching from home has advantages, but
 there is nothing like being together in person. I want to encourage you, if you are getting out at all and are not restricted by work or doctors, come to church. There is more mask and distance compliance, more caution here, than anywhere else I go—grocery, take-out restaurants, post office.
If you can’t be here in person, you can worship from home via youtube and facebook by video livestream from the sanctuary.  We have done a lot to improve our livestream and still working on more ideas, so we can reach more people and stay connected with anyone who cannot be here in person. YouTube: NUMC YouTube

If you decide to come to in-person worship, please remember that we seek to protect the most vulnerable among us. Most of us know people who have been exposed to covid because someone they were with had it and did not yet have symptoms. So we were masks, keep distance, wave greetings. We clean often, and limit time inside the building to try our best to keep everyone healthy.

We are continuIng to offer our online ministries—worship, prayer circle, Bible study, women’s circle—so that you can still join your church family online. If you need help with these or you are ready for more in-person gatherings, please let us know.

We will continue to send weekly bulletins by email and by mail to those who do not have email, and stay in contact through phone, email, mail, Facebook, and Zoom.

Please let us know how we can help you to feel connected, if you would like a visit, or have a prayer request or other need we can help with as your church family.

When you do come to the church, please wear a mask at all times, social distance, visit with friends outdoors, use hand sanitizer, and sign in for contact tracing. If you need to pick something up or drop something off, please call the church office before you come, and Linda may be able to meet you at the door. Please reserve longer conversations and visits for outside or telephone.

If you would like to meet with others or a small group at the church building, please arrange that in advance with Linda, in order to work through the details of scheduling, guidelines, and sanitizing. Please do not serve food or drink, although those m attending may bring their own drink from home.

For more information, please visit the IGRC Coronavirus website:
Pastor Susan



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