While we continue to self-quarantine and practice social distancing during this coronavirus pandemic, you can worship from home via youtube and facebook by video livestream from the sanctuary.  YouTube: NUMC YouTube

Sunday Worship — We begin at 9:15 on Sundays with a time of praise led by Gordon and 9:30 with the traditional service.
Prayer Circle — Our prayer circle meets by Zoom, usually MWF at 12. Please send an email, text, or call 618-877-1936 if you would like the link.
Bible Study — We started meeting for an online Bible study/discussion Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. using the same Zoom link.
Children & Youth — If you have children or youth, we are meeting with the kids online as well, so if your kids would like to join in, please let us know.



In light of the concerns about Coronavirus, we have received notice that Bishop Beard has asked us to cease gatherings for the time being.  You can find devotional material on the Nameoki Facebook page Nameoki United Methodist Church.

We have been working to get livestream up. We will share worship and sermons via youtube and facebook by video livestream from the sanctuary, while you worship from home. NUMC YouTube

Please check out this really helpful post on making the most of worshiping from home:

We have been working to develop a communication plan and list and make sure we have emails updated. Going forward, we will endeavor to send no more than one email each day, to include updates and a devotion, unless there is an urgent need that cannot wait to the next day, as there was today. If you decide you would like to receive fewer messages, let us know and we will try to set up an “absolute essentials” email group. We are also planning to mail the same information weekly to those not on the internet via US Mail, to maintain contact during this time when people have to stay at home.

We also received notice that we have an unusual opportunity to celebrate communion together via the internet! Bishop Beard recognized that during this extraordinary time, extraordinary grace is needed. Communion is a sacrament to received in community in the Methodist Church, so our community will be an online community for this season.

If you would like to participate, please join us for worship Sunday at 9:30am and have on hand bread or crackers and juice (ideally grape, but if you don’t have grape juice, a “suitable juice of the vine” that would not cause someone in the household to stumble — or you can just receive in bread, and we will celebrate together at the end of the service. More information is available on our facebook page or at

We are continuing to work on ways to stay connected as a church family. In addition to facebook, email, and livestream for those who are on the internet, I am hoping early next week to work on setting up a time of prayer either by video or call-in. My goal is finding a resource so that those who are not on the internet will be able to participate by phone. 

We are also, for this limited time, sending paper copies of emails and making phone calls to those who are not on the internet. Please stay connected by calling those you know to check on them, share prayers, etc., and please let us know if there are prayer concerns or pastoral care needs. If you have not already “liked” or “following” the Nameoki facebook Nameoki United Methodist Church, please do. I have shared some opportunities for online studies there as they have come across my path, and I expect more of those will be coming.We are not certain, yet, how the governor’s new order will impact church office hours, but hopefully at least one of us will be able to be here to receive offerings and calls.

These are interesting times, but remember we worship a Resurrecting God. Just as the seeds must stay in the ground for a season before they can sprout and bear fruit, and as the winter is a necessary time before spring, so also this time of sheltering at home can be a time of pruning, rest, and sabbath, of drawing near to God, and preparing to burst forth in glory, stronger, more courageous and faithful.

God bless you and I hope to see you online Sunday!

Please let me know if you know of any situations needing pastoral care.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Susan Harrison

Office: 618-877-1936
Fax:     618-877-1937

Pastor – Rev Susan Harrison – (
Office Manager – Linda Brinkmeyer ( )


When the coronavirus is done, we will return to our normal schedule of:

Sunday Services
8:30 a.m. Adult Sunday school

9:30 a.m. Worship (Nursery available)
10:30 a.m. Children & Youth Fun, Fellowship and Discipleship


6:30pm – United Methodist Women
(2nd Monday of every month (except June/July)

8:30am – Tuesday Morning Bible Study
10:00am – Suzanna Wesley – 1st + 3rd Tuesdays of each month (except June + July)
11:30am – Spouse Support Group – 4th Tues of each month
7:00pm – EMB Circle – 4th Tuesday of every month  (except June/July)

9:00am – Quilters – every Wednesday (Fellowship Hall)
5:00pm – Dinner with the Pastor – Open to ALL   (except June + July)
6:00pm – Bible Study (Fellowship Hall) Open to ALL (except June + July)

Wednesday Night Bible Study starts at 6:00pm. We always dig into the Bible and have lots of great discussions. You can jump in or listen in. We will be starting a new study soon!

1:00pm – Lydia Circle – 3rd Thursday of every month
(meets at a different restaurant each month)
7:00pm – Handbell Practice


(click here to view the complete NUMC calendar)

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