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As most of you know, recently I dropped my iPhone... and smashed the screen!

Funny thing was, the phone still worked fine (and clear packing tape makes a good screen cover to protect your fingers from splinters). It was frustrating to damage the phone, but even more frustrating arranging the replacement. After the replacement phone arrived 3 days after it was supposed too, the cellphone provider took a full afternoon trying to transfer my information from one device to another. First it was come back in 30 minutes. Then it was come back in 15 minutes. Then it was - "sorry, we had to start the process again"... and then finally... "sorry, we had to start the process again AGAIN". I think I started having separation anxiety after the first hour.

It feels like my whole life is on that phone. My contacts, videos, baby pictures, sermon notes, mileage logs - even my credit cards (Apple Pay is a great invention!!). Unlike those who have gone before me, I don't carry a physical bible around with me. I have over 20 translations of the entire text... on my phone! I have the communion liturgy, baptismal liturgy, confirmation liturgy, and even basic funeral and wedding services available to me on my phone as well.

It struck me as I was pining away for my lost piece of technology, that I was anxious about the technology more than I was anxious over being separated - even for a short time - from the bible. I'd like to say that it is scripture that provides me daily nourishment and encouragement - except the truth is, I think I'm eating the 'junk food' of my iPhone more than dining on the extravagant truths contained in Holy Writ.

Is there something in your life that you would miss more than scripture? Would you miss your car more than you would miss your bible? Or your boat? Or your house? Or your iPhone?

This September, I invite you to return to a regular reading of scripture. If you're looking for a plan to guide you through the process, start online at . There are many different plans to chose from - including reading the bible in chronological order. The books of the bible do not appear in dated and timed order - it might even surprise you that Paul's letters were written before most of the Gospel's.

As you read the inspired word, allow the Holy Spirit to breathe through the words on the page into your ready and waiting soul. Inquire of God what it is you are reading. Ask for guidance and direction. And most importantly, listen.

Happy reading. Even if it is from your electronic device!

Pastor Mike

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