In light of the concerns about Coronavirus, we have received notice that Bishop Beard has asked us to cease gatherings for the time being.  You can find devotional material on the Nameoki Facebook page Nameoki United Methodist Church.

You can worship from home via youtube and facebook by video livestream from the sanctuary.  YouTube: NUMC YouTube

Sunday Worship — We begin at 9:15 on Sundays with a time of praise led by Gordon and 9:30 with the traditional service.
Prayer Circle — Our prayer circle meets by Zoom, usually MWF at 12. Please send an email, text, or call 618-877-1936 if you would like the link.
Bible Study — We started meeting for an online Bible study/discussion Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. using the same Zoom link.
Children & Youth — If you have children or youth, we are meeting with the kids online as well, so if your kids would like to join in, please let us know.


Bishop’s guidance on Holy Communion
March 20, 2020

Dear IGRC family and friends,

The decision to suspend all in-person worship and gatherings in an effort to assist in halting the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) creates a new set of challenges for all of us. We really are building the bridge as we are walking across it. One new challenge we are facing is addressing ministry needs in contexts that are not the same as our traditional ways of doing ministry. Several of you have raised concerns regarding the Sacrament of Holy Communion. This letter will provide suggested guidelines that should prove helpful.

Please know that your Bishop, Conference Staff, District Superintendents, Administrative Assistants, and support staff are all available to assist and help. While we are available, we do want you to know that all in-person meetings at the Conference and District levels are either postponed or being held virtually. We strongly urge all of our IGRC churches to do the same.

During this unprecedented time of this coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic, the Church is needed more than ever. Each church and ministry have a unique opportunity to serve as conduits of grace, mercy, and love, as we do what Christ has commissioned us to do. God put us in our communities to offer Christ in crisis and to be a shining beacon of hope in the midst of these dark times.

As difficult as it is to suspend in-person worship and to practice social distancing, it is necessary to do so in an attempt to save lives. As we hear the news of increasing cases of infection throughout our state, it becomes more apparent that these measures will not end quickly. This means that churches need to plan creative ways to worship and share the good news. We give thanks for so many other ways for us to connect while being physically apart. The CHURCH has never been and will never be the buildings in which we worship…

Please be reminded to encourage Christian stewardship and to make every effort to continue paying your church’s financial obligations. Urge your people to be faithful in giving and wise in spending.

By now you have heard the news that the Commission on General Conference has released a statement announcing the postponement of General Conference 2020. Please pray for Commission members as they work to schedule new dates. It is premature to make any decisions about our own Annual Conference at this point. I will be meeting next week, via teleconference, with our College of Bishops to discuss plans regarding the North Central Jurisdiction (NCJ) – Conference.

Do not be afraid because the Lord IS with us and I’ve read the back of the book – WE WIN!

God bless,
Bishop Frank J. Beard

The Holy Bible
The United Methodist Hymnal
Bishop Tracey Smith-Malone, East Ohio
Bishop Gregory V. Palmer, West Ohio

Extending Christian Hospitality During the COVID-19 Crisis
(This is only to be viewed as temporary.)

The sacrament of holy communion is essential to Christian worship. Because of the pandemic that we are currently facing, and the limitations that it imposes, we are offering an alternative way to share in this means of grace. This virtual communion service is a symbolic way of allowing the body of Christ to share in the Lord’s Supper. This will allow people of your congregation and online community to participate in Holy Communion from their homes as you lead online worship. This, however, is not a license to continue this practice when life returns to normal. Within our Wesleyan heritage, we must remember the place of Elders, Deacons and Local Pastors licensed for sacerdotal (priestly) ministries.

Specific Guidelines for the Practice for Online Communion:

(It is the position of this Bishop, that this privilege is for a season and that there will be a return to traditional practices in accordance with our liturgy as soon as possible.)

Instructions for Leading Online Communion

“We believe the Sacraments, ordained by Christ, are symbols and pledges of the Christian’s profession and of God’s love toward us. They are means of grace by which God works invisibly in us, quickening, strengthening and confirming our faith in him.”

“We believe the Lord’s Supper is a representation of our redemption, a memorial of the sufferings and death of Christ, and a token of love and union which Christians have with Christ and with one another. Those who rightly, worthily and in faith eat the broken bread and drink the blessed cup partake of the body and blood of Christ in a spiritual manner until he comes.” The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church, Paragraph 104: Article VI – The Sacraments, pages 73-74.

With this in mind, people of your congregation and online community may participate in Holy Communion from their homes as you lead online worship.

Scriptural setting –

Holy Communion is celebrated in the context of worship. When you worship online, you are part of the context. When a Scriptural context has not been presented, read one of the following Scriptures, (Matthew 26:26-30; Mark 14:22-26; Luke 22:19-20; 1 Corinthians 11:23-29), along with the following directives:

1. Pastors are encouraged to lead the liturgy. Online Holy Communion is still a community act of worship best led by Clergy.

2. Use the Communion Liturgy of Service of Word and Table found in The United Methodist Hymnal, or the United Methodist Book of Worship.

The Confession and Pardon, as well as the consecration of the bread and the cup provides the opportunity for the whole community to participate in the broken body and shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please be sure to consecrate the elements prior to using.

3. Grape juice is preferable. (encourage online participants to have enough available for those worshipping in their location). If they do not have grape juice, use your best judgment in recommending a suitable “fruit of the vine” replacement. The main point is to participate in the body and blood of Christ.

4. Bread or crackers (have enough available for those worshipping in your location).

5. As with each pastor and local church, there are numerous expressions of presenting and receiving the bread and the cup, Christ’s broken body and shed blood. Individual cups are encouraged but intinction may be practiced in individual home settings.

6. Be sure to close the Communion Service with prayer. If the Lord’s Prayer has not already been incorporated in the service, it can be used as a close to the communion time.

7. Share your experience(s) of encountering the presence of Christ during this sacrament. Sharing your experience helps all of us learn, grow and find new ways of being in relationship as the body of Christ.


Nameoki Friends,

Thank you so much for your generous and faithful support of your church during this time. We cannot express how grateful we are as your leadership team, staff, and pastor. If there is any way we can serve you and help you stay connected to your church family during this time, please let us know. Pastor Susan is always available by cell phone and Linda is checking messages regularly at the church.

I am hopeful that this week all the kinks are worked out in our livestream worship. If you have the internet, both of the last two weeks are online, and the link is available on the website. Last week’s service was difficult to hear on Sunday, but I was able to adjust it, and it is audible now.

We also have an online prayer group that is meeting several days each week, our confirmation class is now meeting online, and there are some interested in starting an online Bible study group, all by Facebook messenger. If you are interested in being connected in any of these ways, please let me know. It is also possible to have group telephone calls so that we can include those who do not have internet.

On Palm Sunday, we invite you to put any green branch on your door to celebrate Palm Sunday. The branches were used when Jesus entered Jerusalem to welcome him victoriously, anticipating he was the Messiah who was coming to restore Israel to God’s people. I love the symbolism of putting branches on the door now, as we anticipate Jesus’ “coming in victory” over this virus.

God bless you all!!
Pastor Susan

20/20 VISION ~ Do You Want to See Jesus?

There is a song “Day by Day” from the musical Godspell that comes to mind as I think of 20/20 vision. We have lots of dreams and visions on the horizon, all with the hope of seeing God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) more clearly, loving (God, self, and neighbor) more dearly, and following as disciples of Jesus more nearly.

New Bible studies are beginning. We are continuing to develop our children’s and youth ministries and starting a confirmation class for youth. We are listening for interest in starting a new Sunday School for parents and other adults after worship, while the children and youth are meeting for Sunday School. We are making plans for prayer ministry training, prayer walks, and prayer ministry teams, as well as other events for spiritual growth, fellowship, and outreach.
If you are interested in these or helping to start any other ministries please call or email the church office or
Pastor Susan



Prayer Ministry – Calling all prayer warriors or those who want to learn more about prayer!
Pastor Susan would like to form a prayer ministry team.
If you are interested, please let Pastor Susan know.


BBQ Fund Raisers
May 15th & 16th
June 19th & 20th
Sept 18 & 19


May 31st
Classes are being conducted online.

If you are an adult and would like to understand the Christian faith better, you have questions, want to renew your faith, or join the church, classes for adults will also be available. Please contact Pastor Susan for more information.



Vacation Bible School
July 12 – 16


Church Picnic
October 3rd


Parkinson FUN RUN
and later the same day the
Family Fun Day
October 17th


Hanging of the Greens
November 22nd


Annual Cookie Sale
December 12th


More holiday plans are in the works throughout December! Be watching the bulletin and newsletters for additional information!


United Methodist Breakfast Ministry Team
Please contact Jake Hinterser if you are interested in helping out.

The Breakfast Ministry Team is scheduled for March 21st at Niedringhaus UMC


The next meeting is: TBD
We meet every 2nd Monday of the month, except June and July in the Fellowship Hall at the church.
Call Ann Dollins @ (618) 210-8201 if you have questions. All women are invited!


From time to time, Nameoki members bring communion to church friends in the Granite City area who currently are unable to attend church and who would like to receive communion. This ministry consists of visiting, praying, and sharing communion. We would love to have you join our team. Would you like to go with the Gehlings sometime to see if you would like to join our team? If so, please contact the Gehlings through the church office at 877-1936.



Would you enjoy helping with a time of worship at the nursing homes? Nameoki UMC has a monthly ministry and would love more people to come help provide a time of worship (music, scripture, devotion, prayer). If you would like to help with any part or all, please contact Jake Hinterser through the church office.


Be sure to Invite Children and Youth each Sunday for Fun, Discipleship, Fellowship, Music and Snacks! Everyone is welcome!

K – 4th Grades – Gospel Light
Linda Wozniak, Donna Kessler & Gail Wyatt

5th – 8th Grades – Confirmation Classes
Pastor Susan

9th-12th Grades – Alpha for Youth
Myna Hedden and Lori Barlow
1st and 3rd Sundays are fun and fellowship.
2nd & 4th Bible Lessons and fun.

If you are interested in helping with Children and Youth
Ministries in any way or have new Ideas to share, please
call Myna Hedden @ (217) 883-9807.

Our newly formed Children and Youth Committee is busy planning! We want to include our young people in the exciting things happening at Nameoki UMC! We currently are planning opportunities for fun, fellowship, discipleship, and special events for all ages! We have some great adult volunteers to lead elementary, middle school, and high school age kids, and we would love to add to the team if you would like to help as a backup teacher, plan events, provide snacks, or help with any part of our ministries with children and youth.

The youth in our church have so much to offer—to each other, to the adults in the church, and to the community – and the church and God have so much to offer youth and their families for a full and joyful life. We can play an important role in helping our young people find a solid foundation of faith to help them weather whatever life brings. Please invite children/youth, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, neighbors, or friends, and help us share the difference a relationship with God makes.




Are you interested in the Alpha Course and exploring questions of our Christian faith?
Would you like to participate in a prayer group that meets regularly to pray for the needs of the church family and community.

Wednesday Night Bible Study 6pm – Wednesday night study is doing a great study comparing some of the characters or people in the Old Testament to Jesus and seeing the ways that Jesus fulfills or makes complete what the Old Testament character represented. No homework is required. We look up the Bible passages and discuss as desired.

Please sign up in the foyer or call the church office. We will select a day/time for these opportunities based on interest.




Got Questions? Alpha is an invitation to explore life’s biggest questions and a chance to look at the life and message of Jesus. Every question is welcome.

Each session of Alpha consists of a 30-minute video designed to engage and inspire conversation around the big issues of faith and unpack the basics of Christianity, followed by discussion.

Probably the most important part of any Alpha is the chance to share thoughts and ideas on the topic, and simply discuss it in a small group. There’s no obligation to say anything. And there’s nothing you can’t say. It’s an opportunity to hear from others and contribute your own perspective in an honest, friendly and open environment.

Questions addressed include: What is this life about? Who is Jesus? How can we have faith? How and why to read the Bible or pray? Who is the Holy Spirit? Does God still heal? Why is there suffering? And more!…
REAL – Alpha presents the reality of who Jesus is. Those that run Alpha are real and authentic and this allows the guests to be real themselves. People are welcome to ask questions and look for answers, with no pressure.

RELATIONAL – Alpha is based on genuine friendships that are built up over a few weeks and often last for years afterwards.

RELIANT – On Alpha we are reliant on the Holy Spirit because we realize that it is only God who changes people’s lives; we just introduce Him. Come and see, come and explore your questions, come and hear about Jesus, come and see for yourself.

We will be offering Alpha to adults and older youth. Our older youth will be doing the Youth Alpha during youth group on the 2nd and 4th Sundays.

Alpha for adults will be offered at several times during the week depending on interest. Please call the church office and let us know if you are interested!

If you are interested, please sign up in the narthex or call the church office.

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