If you are interested in an international mission trip or any other local missions, please contact Pastor Susan.

There are several organizations she is familiar with who have missions teams traveling for work and sharing the gospel.
Pastor Susan is hoping to travel with a team in the near future. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn how to pray and be part of God’s miraculous power to heal.

Mission giving in our community and beyond our local church is important to us. 
We provide financial help to local organizations throughout the year.

Mitchell School Partnership
Nameoki partners with Mitchell School to provide needed supplies and support for students, teachers, administration. The partnership is coordinated by the United Women in Faith and is supported church-wide.

Breakfast Ministry

The Breakfast Ministry has moved to the Community Care Building at 1818 Cleveland Avenue. Breakfast is served weekly to anyone in need by several churches on a six-week rotation. If you would like more information, please contact Jake Hinterser through the church office.

Blood Drive

We host blood drives periodically, although we do not currently have any scheduled. If you are interested in donating, please call 800-Red Cross to sign up or go on-line. There is a Red Cross donor site in Fairview Heights if you’d like to give blood before then. 10886 Lincoln Trail, aka Highway 50. If you get off 64 turn right and take a right on Lincoln Trail.

Capes of Courage

Our volunteer “Cape Ladies” make capes, shorts, Christmas stockings or anything that is needed to assist organizations or individuals that request their help. This year, they have donated capes to Wings of St. Louis. The Wings program provides pediatric palliative and hospice care to children and their families while they cope with an acute, chronic or terminal illness. With the loose change they purchase material, thread, and other sewing items to fulfill the orders. See Linda Wozniak for more information.

Hope Isn’t Cancelled – Parkinson’s Fundraiser  

Each year during October, Nameoki is the host site for the Zero-Mile Fun Run for Parkinson’s. Contact Joyce Tracy through the church office for more information or donate online through www.parkinson.org/zeromilefunrun, click donate.

Kids in Mission
Each week, we collect loose change and special offerings for different missions.
Click on each icon below to learn more about some of the other organizations we donate to during the year: