If you are interested in an international mission trip or any other local missions, please contact Pastor Susan.

Mission giving in our community and beyond our local church is important to us.
We provide financial help to local organizations throughout the year.


Our Kids in Mission collection for February 2 & 9 will go to the local Community Care agency. Community Care Center counts on its volunteers, support of the community and support from the United Way to carry on its services to families and individuals in the Madison, Granite City, Venice, Pontoon Beach and Mitchell area.

February 16 & 23 the loose change will be given to the Breakfast Ministry. The Breakfast Ministry serves breakfast on Saturday Mornings at Niedringhaus United Methodist Church to those less fortunate in our area. Your change helps to supply the necessary food for a healthy breakfast.

Click on each icon below to learn more about some of the other organizations we donate to periodically:


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Cape Town, South Africa