NUMC Methodist Church 1900 Pontoon Rd.
Granite City IL 62040-2339

The missions committee meets the 3rd Monday every 3 months

Jan, Apr, July, Oct at 6:30pm

Millie Clements

Jim Harris

Teresa Harris

Lenene Bishoff

Corrine Dawson

Betty Stone

If you should have any questions on our

Kids in Mission

recipients, please call the Mission's chair person -

Pat Bernaix

Mission giving in our community and beyond our local church is important to us. We are a medium sized church with an average attendance of 180 in our combined worship services. We provide financial help to local organizations throughout the year such as:

— The Community Care Center

— Good Samaritan House

— Phoenix Crisis Center

— Faith in Action

...and many other organizations within the Methodist Conference and beyond.





Kids in Missions: The Kids in Mission Loose Change offering for the month of May will go to the support of Brad Festen through Wycliffe Bible Translators. Brad is working state-side due to health concerns and will remain in the U.S.A. indefinitely. He is still very much involved with the Mpyemo project in C.A.R. and is helping to bring the translation to completion.

Brad wrote “We are sincerely thankful to all of you who have prayed for us, encouraged and supported us throughout these many years.”

…Did you know that John Wycliffe organized the first completed translation of the Bible into Middle English in the 1380’s?... We at NUMC give thanks for Bible Translators!