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The missions committee meets the 3rd Monday every 3 months

Jan, Apr, July, Oct at 6:30pm

Millie Clements

Jim Harris

Teresa Harris

Lenene Bishoff

Corrine Dawson

Betty Stone

Let all that you do be done in love.

1 Corinthians 16:14 NASB

If you should have any questions on our

Kids in Mission

recipients, please call the Mission's chair persons -

Dorothy Luckert or Pat Bernaix

Mission giving in our community and beyond our local church is important to us. We are a medium sized church with an average attendance of 180 in our combined worship services. We provide financial help to local organizations throughout the year such as:

Faith in Action

...and many other organizations within the Methodist Conference and beyond.

Rev. Delbert Groves and his wife Sandy are our new missionaries!   

Rev.  Groves is a United Methodist missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries based in Kitwe, Zambia. His wife, Sandy is also a missionary;  they serve at the New Life Center.

The center, established in 2001 through Delbert and Sandy’s efforts, has grown into a resource for the young United Methodist Provisional Conference of Zambia. It has numerous outreach ministries, including New Life Press, health education, PET Zambia, a computer lab, English instructions in new church construction, and other training ministries.

Addition information is available online at The couple also hosts volunteer-in-mission work teams.





KIDS IN MISSION The purpose of Nameoki Mission Committee is to educate and encourage our congregation to reach out with love and compassion to the needs of others.

In the Christmas story, when the shepherds heard the angels speaking and singing, they heard it in their own language. When the wise men from the East were warned not to reveal where the child was born, they heard it in their own language, which was a different language than that of the shepherds. The Christmas story is a translated story. That may not be something we think about very often because many of us have always had these truths in our own language. Neither do we often remember, as we listen to the Christmas story, that someone translated it into a language we could understand.

But this has not always been the case-and is still not the case for many language communities today. Many people around the world are still waiting for the Bible. Wycliffe’s work is all about these people.

Thank you for being a big part of this through your prayer and financial support. None of it could be done without the support of people like you, responding to God’s invitation to work with Him to gather people from every language and nation into a worshiping community for His glory. The work of Wycliffe is a cooperative effort – one in which all followers of Jesus Christ can participate and rejoice.

Dear Friends of Nameoki,

Thank you all so much for joining us in this work through your prayers, gifts and encouragement all these years. You have been a blessing and we are grateful for you! We look forward to visiting you in the coming months!

Blessings, Brad & Maria Fester

Rev. Delbert and Sandy Groves are the United Methodist missionaries we help support in Zambia, Africa. Rev. Groves reflects on his work in Africa as “Christ not only saves us from our sinful, selfish nature, but He heals the body and mind so we can discover all that He has for us to live out a new life filled with purpose and hope. I love watching God work!”

Delbert and Sandy have four adult sons: James, Nicholas, Seth, and Nathan, three daughter-in-laws: Kellie, Lisa, and Amanda, as well as four grandchildren: Charles, William, Taylor, and Del.

The loose change collection on Sunday mornings March 4th and 11th will go to Kids Capes of Courage.

Bibles for Prisoners will be the recipients of March 18th and 25th loose change collections. Release through Jesus

Prison Ministry under the direction of Pastor Jim Helton goes into prisons to conduct bible studies, worship services, and listen to those that just need someone to hear their voice. They give prisoners bibles.