UMYF / Youth

Nameoki United Methodist Youth Fellowship

2nd & 4th Sundays 10:30-11:45

United Methodist Youth Fellowship offers students grades 5 through 12 and their friends opportunities for discipleship, fun, and fellowship.

At NUMC, we recognize youth as a vital part of our faith community. We invite our youth to make a strong commitment to Jesus Christ and nurture their growth in Christian discipleship through opportunities for study, fellowship, and service development.

What is UMYF and what do they do??
United Methodist Youth Fellowship (UMYF) is a ministry that provides a vital and dynamic way for teens, in grades 5-12, to grow in their Christian discipleship. While there are many exciting events that youth can participate in, our main emphasis is on building meaningful relationships with one another and with God. We do this through small groups, worship, and discipleship.

We also make our programming fun and inviting, so youth will not only want to come, but will want to bring their friends as well. UMYF offers youth a wide range of classes and opportunities for growth and socialization. Whether the activity is Bible study, a retreat at a United Methodist camp, a mission work project, or a Sunday evening UMYF program, the youth are constantly challenged to grow within the body of Christ. Activities are designed to provide Christian fellowship as well as learning experiences.

NUMC Youth Minister – Myna Hedden


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