United Women in Faith and Other Women’s Groups


United Women in Faith

United Women in Faith is a mission-oriented organization whose mission is to advocate for women and children.

Their global mission is to seek to connect and nurture women through Christian spiritual formation, leadership development, creative fellowship and education so that they can inspire, influence and impact local and global communities.

Nameoki Officers for 2024 are:
President: Gail Fritzsche
Vice President: Joanna Spencer
Treasurer: Waneta Graham
Secretary: Margi Gehling
Spiritual Growth: Carol Chappell
Nomination Committee: Waneta Graham, Janine Roe, and Mary Waller 

District President: Gail Fritzsche

Regular Meeting of the United Methodist Women – UMW meets every 2nd Monday at 6:30 p.m. Contact Janine Roe for more information. 

Susanna Wesley GroupThe Susanna Wesley ladies group meets every first and third Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. at the church. They are a subgroup of the United Methodist Women. The women meet for fellowship and have a lesson.  They are studying “Embracing God’s Design for Your Life”.  We have room for more! Please contact Pat Bernaix if you have questions. 

EMB CircleThe Every Member Busy (EMB) ladies Circle is also an extension of UMW.  This ladies group meets the third Tuesday evening of the month at 2:00 p.m. at the church.  All women are invited for fellowship and a lesson, call Doris Taylor if you have questions.

Lydia Circle – meet 3rd Thursday of every month at 11:30am at the church and go to a different restaurant each month, call Donna Kessler if you have questions.

Mitchell School Partnership – United Women in Faith leads the church’s partnership with Mitchell School. Each month the school lets us know the needs, and the church donates items or volunteers as needed.

United Women in Faith sell knives and kitchen utensils from Rada as a fundraiser. Catalogs are available at the church or you can order online. Orders will be sent directly to purchasers. Spread the word, tell your family, friends, and neighbors! Rada knives are great! UMW will receive 40% of every sale. 

Here is the link for the Rada Fundraiser. You should see Nameoki United Methodist Women at the top of the screen: https://radafundraising.myshopify.com/?rfsn=4716713.437687%3Cbr