NUMC Methodist Church 1900 Pontoon Rd.
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Meets the 4th Monday of every month at 7pm

Supporting God’s Kingdom.  This is the time of year the leaders of the church take a look at the revenue through our giving and set he budget for next year.  It is a sensitive and responsive time and it becomes a difficult task, because much of our work is bent on trying to make things fit.  With God’s help we maintain the full scope of our ministries and continue to be good stewards of God’s gifts.

Missions: Our ministry groups reach out in a vast area of support.  The various women’s circles, the youth, the missions committee, the quilters, and the men’s group donate to special projects and ongoing support to the UM Children’s Home, the Cunningham Children’s Home, the Phoenix Crisis Center, the Breakfast Ministry, the Hope Fund, Good Samaritan House, Community Care, and many others.  Often each group will donate money to purchase supplies and equipment here at the church.  Don’t forget that we donate our loose change to at least twelve different agencies each year.  Also, the Memorial committee joins in the chorus to purchase items which beautify and benefit the church.  And I love the spirit of the youth with their fund raisers to help pay their camp registration fees.

Programs: The Church Council reviews our program ministry every other month and hopes to continue providing high quality opportunities for growth, learning, and outreach.  Your gifts thus far this year have funded education, worship, music, church school and VBS, confirmation, and extraordinary services.

Staff Support:  We have been very faithfully served and are grateful for the fine leadership of all our staff. Keep up the good work!

The overall picture of our finances is that it takes a lot of money to operate a church and a great deal of volunteer hours and love to fulfill God’s calling in our lives.  We are able only though the grace of God.  It is through your support and prayers that make this entire ministry possible.  We can’t do anything without each one of you sharing according to how God has blessed you.

Finance Committee

On behalf of the SPRC, the Finance Committee, and the Church Council, it is with great pleasure that I announce the hiring of Sheila Sorgea - a C.P.A - who begins as our new financial book-keeper on October 1st.

Accountability and visibility when it comes to our church’s book-keeping is very important. It adds an extra layer of supervision when it comes to the receiving and distributing of the money God as called to give at Nameoki UMC.

Sheila will be working 2 days per month - right before payroll on the 15th and the last day of the month. It will be Sheila’s job to receive the obligations we have as a church (mission, payroll, utilities etc), and prepare checks so that our bills are paid. Although Sheila will be preparing checks, she will not be a signatory to any account, nor will she have access to the church credit card, or lines of credit that we use.

Sheila will not be a regular attender, or a member of our church. She has her own fellowship that she attends. Her eyes will be unbiased when attending to our finances.

Sheila will also prepare our monthly financial statements, reconcile our accounts, and manage our payroll.

For 15 years, Sheila has been the financial book-keeper of Bethalto UMC and in later years, Wood River UMC - while also helping to manage the finances of her own church. She was hired by Bethalto UMC soon after they experienced a major church embezzlement. She has managed to repair much of that damage. In 2014, an audit of Bethalto UMC’s finances and financial processes by an outside firm found her work to be immaculate.

1 Peter 4:10 days, “And serve each other according to the gift each person has received, as good managers of God’s diverse gifts”.

Sheila will help us be good stewards of all that we receive. As part of this new process, Sheila will be unable to refund any money spent by someone on behalf of the church without the proper documentation (receipts etc.)

I hope you join with me welcoming Sheila to our church - and pray that she serves us well for many years to come.

Finally, please pray this prayer with me... Thank-you Jesus for sending Sheila our way. May she help us to be transparent and accountable for every penny we receive as an offering unto you. Amen.

Much grace.